Sonos – Wireless music at your finger tips

Imagine listening to your favorite music — whether it is relaxing jazz or classic rock over the rock speakers in your yard and flush mount speakers in your home, while entertaining friends and family. No matter what you are doing around the house, you can play music from every room at any time. You could even have a small portable player in the bathroom as you get ready for your day. To top it off, picture the big football game with all of your friends, playing seamlessly in every zone. You can’t beat the power of whole-house audio from SONOS and how perfectly it blends with your lifestyle! Options have dramatically increased in the last few years, providing more ways to accomplish whole-house audio than ever before— no matter your budget or structural constraints.

Wired or Wireless?

How about both?! SONOS has devices that are designed with built-in speakers like the cute Play1 (popular in bathrooms), the mid sized Play3, ideal for the office & kids rooms, and the larger Play5 that can fill a large room with beautiful sound. These devices plug into the electrical outlet and require no other wiring!

But what if you have a surround sound system or you have speakers already wired throughout your home? SONOS has a solution for that. The SONOS Connect plugs into your surround sound receiver like a CD player, but now you can control everything from your mobile phone or tablet and wirelessly connect it to every other speaker in your home. If you have existing speakers, you can replace your dual zone receiver with a SONOS Connect Amp and control each room separately or link them together.

From Almost Any Source

With SONOS you can play music that’s on your mobile device, your iTunes library on any of the computers in your house, every local AM/FM station in Southern California digitally with no static, and hundreds of music streaming sources including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker, Spotify, etc. The sky is the limit!