Site Service Fees

Rates & Callout Fees

Site Service Fee

All callouts will incur a fee of $115.00 + GST which will cover the first hour of traveling to the site and time on site.

For any time worked after the first hour you will be charged in increments of 15min, with a full-hour cost of $89.00 plus GST, any parts used will be charged on top.

These rates apply from when we leave our base until we return.

We do carry most parts needed in our vehicle but if any extra parts are needed from our suppliers this time will be charged at the going rate.

Vehicle use charge

In addition to our labour charge, you will be charged for each trip. This depends on where you are located. If more than one trip is required, you will be charged for each trip.

  • Up to 6km from our base in East Auckland $25.00
  • 6-15km from our base $35.00
  • $1.50 per km in addition to 15km from our base


In some instances where it is difficult to provide a fixed price due to not enough
information being available, an expectation of unforeseen developments, or timeframe
expectations we will provide you with an estimate. Our estimate will provide you with a
reasonable idea of what the work will cost and will often include part fixed pricing and
part variable pricing. As the work develops and we become more certain of what is
required we will update you on how we are tracking against our estimate and what you
will be charged.