Television Aerials

Having the right aerial is important

Digital Aerial Installation

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As aerials are often out of sight, their maintenance and repair requirements go un-noticed until the television signal is compromised. Age and storm damage are the main reasons for repairs and replacement, however we have also come across poor quality equipment and poor installation techniques. Sometimes reduced signal strength is due to multiple television units or maybe you are living in a poor signal reception area. By testing your signal strength and examining your current set up we will be able to give you the best solution to the poor reception issues.

At Digital Solutions we are mindful of not compromising the integrity of your property and only use high quality digital capable UHF aerials and satellite dish equipment. The installation of a new aerial and mount will be discussed with you to find the most suitable location for the building and to receive the best television signal.

Having the right aerial is important. There are still a lot of homes with the old VHF aerials, which no longer receive a signal, or you may live in an area where the signal is obstructed. These maybe the reasons why you are getting a ‘no signal’ message on your screen.

The solution maybe a new aerial, a signal booster or there might be underlying cabling issues. We will be able to find the best solution for your needs.

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