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Television Reception Problems

Renovating your home or building a new home is the ideal time to be thinking about cabling.

Back in the day when you wanted another television in the house you plugged in some ‘bunny ears’ and put up with adjusting them every 10 minutes to get something resembling a television signal. Now you can ditch those ugly antenna’s and have additional outlets put in almost anywhere in your home or work place to deliver high quality television reception.

Digital Solutions are able to send your Sky signal to additional television that can be controlled by an infrared remote system. Watch your Sky channels in the other room without investing in multiple set top boxes and additional subscription fees.

With more streaming options available we can set up your home so you can connect directly into your modem, which is particularly helpful, if you have low and/or slow wireless signals. Hard-wired data connections are always better, as they are more secure (less dropouts) and give faster speeds.

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