Frequently Asked Questions

I have an aerial so why can’t I get a decent signal?

Bad reception can be due to aged or faulty cabling or aerials that require maintenance or replacing.  Sometimes reduced signal strength is due to multiple television units or maybe you are living in a poor signal reception area.

By testing your signal strength and examining your current set up we will be able to give you the best solution to the poor reception issues.

How do I get Freeview?

There is no charge for watch Freeview television. Some televisions have Freeview already, but if not we are able to supply and install a set top box so you can access up to 28 channels.

Can I have Sky in another room in my house?

Short answer is yes. Upon examining the set up we will be able to give you the most practical solution for getting the Sky signal into another room in your house. We take into consideration the configuration and construction of your house.

How do I get Netflix?

Netflix is streamed over the Internet. There are a variety of ways it can be viewed directly from the television and we can help you find the best solution for your set up and your Internet connection.

Can I hang my TV on the wall and hide all the cables?

Yes, this is possible. We will inspect the area and give you the best options to achieve this popular streamlined looked.

I have been told I am in a "low signal" area. What does that mean?

Parts of Auckland don’t receive a strong signal, which will effect your television reception. We will test your signal and recommend the suitable signal booster or aerial set up to achieve the best television reception possible.

Can you help me choose the best home theatre system for my set up?

After assessing your current set up and your viewing needs we can advise on the best home theatre system for you. Options range from wireless speakers to the full audio/visual set up. Some of our recent jobs have included the latest Wi-Fi sound systems that are operated from your smart phone.

I cannot get FM radio on my stereo. Can you fix this?

As with low television signal areas, parts of Auckland do not receive a strong FM signal. We can supply and install a FM aerial to ensure you are not missing out on your favourite stations.

Do I need a satellite dish?

This will depend on your viewing needs. We can access your needs and then give you options to choose from.

Can I get an aerial for my caravan?

Definitely. Just call us.

I want my TV to swivel around so I can watch it when in bed. Can you do this?

This will depend on your television. If your existing television allows for this, we can hang it on a swivel mount so that it can be pushed out of the way when not in use.

Why does my TV picture pixilate sometimes?

This could be a cabling issue or even be caused by your current television set up. We use high quality equipment and will configure your set up for the best picture possible.

How do I know if I have the right aerial?

There are still a lot of homes with the old VHF aerials, which no longer receive a signal therefore an upgrade is required. We are able to supply and install high quality aerials best suited for your needs and all our work is guaranteed. We can also remove and dispose of your old aerial.

What is a soundbar, and do I need one?

With the modern televisions becoming slimmer and slimmer, the manufacturers have positioned the built in speakers at the rear of the unit, which is not always idea for sound. A soundbar is a separate device designed to project the sound towards the viewer, and the simplest way to improve your TV audio, especially if you don’t have the space or want a full home theatre system.

I need a new TV but what sort do I get?

It can be confusing with new technology being released on a regular basis. We have knowledge of the latest televisions and related systems available and can help you through this process. We work with our preferred suppliers Panasonic and Sony and have access to the latest televisions. To make it a simple as possible we can supply directly and install into your home or office.

Can I hide my Sky box and other components in a cupboard but still change channels?

Yes you can. We can hide away your sky and Freeview boxes and install a channel antenna so you still have ease of use when it comes to adjusting channels or volume.

I have a new home theatre system. Can you help me set it up?

We can set up your surround sound speakers to achieve that home cinema experience.

How can I get Dutch television programs?

We often get asked about access to international television channels. We can supply and install set top boxes for our clients to enjoy their favourite international television.

What is the best way to set my media room / theatre room?

After a viewing your media room and discussing what equipment will be used we can help you come up with a plan best suited for the room, and your audio visual needs. The placing of furniture and the flooring material does make a difference to the sound quality produced.

How do I get a TV signal on my boat?

We have supplied and installed televisions for boaties who are not willing to forgo their television viewing. Be it summer cricket or your favourite program, there is no need to miss out just because you are cruising. We can meet you at the dock, find out your viewing needs and give you all the information.

What is HD television?

HD stands for high definition. Picture quality has improved considerable over the past few years and the modern televisions are now able to give the viewer a more realistic picture than ever before.

I want to listen to all my music, watch TV and listen to the radio from one control. Can I do this easily?

Yes. We have installed the latest Wi-Fi sound systems to do exactly that. In fact it is so good we put one in our own home. High quality sound to play all your music including any subscription music, international radio stations, as well as giving you the home cinema experience from your television. Operated directly from your computer/tablet/smart phone this system would have to be the best on the market.

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